iAffiliates - Online Casino Affiliate Program Review

iAffiliates, formerly known as Mansion Affiliates, is an exclusive online casino affiliate program for various state of the art Playtech casinos, some of which include Casino.com, Mansion Casino, Club 777 Casino, Slots Heaven and LesACasino. This is one of the world’s premier online casino programs and it gives affiliates the chance to generate money simply by promoting any of these top-rated online casinos. iAffiliates also gives you the option to earn a high commission percentage and most earners can typically take home 30% to 40% revenue share.

The promotional revenue in the first month alone for GWPA members is an incredible 70%, followed by 60% in the second month and 50% in the third month. From then on revenue share is between 15% and 40% and affiliate payments are made twice per month. iAffiliates is known for processing swift and timely payouts to its affiliates, it has a dedicated team working around the clock and the program generates some of the industry’s highest revenues. You can enjoy unparalleled marketing support with comprehensive reports that allow you to access and examine useful statistics at any time.

The team is led by an experienced group of dedicated account managers. This team understands the importance of providing useful market tools that can help you generate the highest revenue possible and the company only supports brands that have already proven to retain their customers. iAffiliates’ user-friendly software allows for easy performance tracking in real time and the effective support they provide can help ensure successful marketing campaigns.

The Cost Per Acquisition structure also offers affiliates a fixed fee per depositing player and the amount that you can earn from this will always be based on both the volume and the quality of the player. Every affiliate has the ability to earn the highest net revenues and you can receive your affiliate income using a variety of different payment options.

Affiliates can earn up to $500 CPA for each successful referral. Each individual’s performance will then be evaluated and a certain CPA will be awarded accordingly. As performance grows, so too will the CPA. You can learn more about this by contacting a member of the sales team directly at iAffiliates.

Since Mansion Affiliates rebranded to iAffiliates in 2012, the new program appears to be far more dynamic, especially in terms of the improved revenue share, customised special offers and sub affiliate commission deals that are also now being offered. Affiliates have access to text links, html mailers, banners, landing pages and much more and you can find out more about these useful tools by contacting your assigned affiliate manager.

Join iAffiliates today and you will be earning cash for each player that you successfully manage to refer to some of the most popular online casinos in the world. The more cash your referrals spend at the casino, the more you stand to earn. This is an extremely rewarding affiliate program and it is also recognised as one of the best affiliate programs in the industry.