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Online casino marketing is the advertising of online casinos to potential players. Online casino affiliate marketing sites basically act as the middle man between the gambling portal and the player. A player may be looking for a reputable online casino to play at in the real money mode and when they search online they may find numerous affiliate websites, all of which contain a directory of online casino reviews.

All of the casino recommendations on that particular affiliate website will be affiliated to the owner of that information portal. The potential player can then click on a secure external link which will redirect them to the casino of their choice. The casino operator will then reward the affiliate for each successful referral that occurs. The casino usually pays the affiliate based on the amount of cash each player spends in the casino over X amount of time and also on the number of players they have sent to the casino.

In fact, there are just a few payment structures in place which are used by online casino affiliates to help them earn money. Let’s take a quick look at the main models that are currently in place. With the revenue share model, an online casino affiliate will receive a percentage of what the player spends at the casino and quite often this will range from as little as 20% to around 40% of what the player spends. Remember that there is no guarantee on how much a player will spend over the course of a year, so it may take longer to earn a decent living from some players (low rollers) compared to other players (high rollers). So if you are looking for a quick buck, then perhaps this model not the most ideal revenue model.

There’s also the cost per activity model and this slightly differs from the previous model. The marketing affiliate will be awarded a one-off payment based on the successful referral of a player, or the affiliate will receive a payment based on a certain ‘action’. The action could simply be that the player has made his or her first ever deposit at the casino, or it could just be the act of registering an account with the casino. This payment could range anywhere from $/€/£25 to $/€/£50 and if you are looking to earn a quick buck, then this is the ideal model.

There’s also the model that combines both of these models together. In other words, some of the income that you would generate as an affiliate would come from a single action and some money would be generated based on how much the player spends in the casino over a certain period of time.

The great thing about online casino affiliate websites is that players can generally find recommendations for some of the world’s best online casinos. Players can use these affiliate sites to find out about the very latest new player bonuses, plus they can find out plenty of other useful information about a casino without the player ever actually having to visit the casino.


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